The Forbidden Forest

by Daniel Kelly, on the passing of Robbie Coltrane

     G            Em       C          G
The forest is dark, so wild and untamed,
            Em    C        D
Filled with unicorns and spiders,
     G          Em              C          G
For a student forbidden, But there I must go,
   G            Em
Malfoy got me detention,
       D              G
I must face what I don’t know

  G      C      G
Hagrid take my hand,
     C      G        D
I’m heading for the forest,
Em       C           D    G
Hold your glowing lantern high,
     C          D          G
And lead me through the dark,

Though scared I’ll be brave, If you walk beside,
I’ll face the dark unknown
If you tell me the things you shouldn’t have told,
And lend to me your strength
I’ll learn to be bold.

You need your wits about you, When to the forest you go,
Not everything’s safe or friendly,
The Centaurs are noble, and no wizards slave,
So learn to respect,
If its power you crave,

So walk closely by in Hagrid’s steps,
Don’t stay into the darkness,
There’s worse things than werewolves lurking in there,
Wild cars and big spiders,
And old devil’s snare.

I Wish I Was a Gryffindor

By Daniel Kelly – 2021 – to the shanty, Sammy’s Gone Away

Oh Harry’s gone to Hogwarts to be a Gryffindor,
Harry’s gone away to be a Gryffindor,
Yes Harry’s gone to Hogwarts to be a Gryffindor,
Harry’s gone away to be a Gryffindor

Pretty work wave wands, pretty work I say
Harry’s gone away to be a Gryffindor.

Oh if I were a Hufflepuff and not a Gryffindor,
I’d have to wear a yellow hat and work my fingers raw.

Oh if I were a Ravenclaw and not a Gryffindor,
I’d be the smartest student there has ever been before,

Oh if I were a Slytherin and not a Gryfindor,
I’d sneak and cheat and steal so that I always got more


By Daniel Kelly - 2021, to 'Leave Her Johnny'

With big long snout and a coat of black,
Niffler Harry Niffler, Niffler.
He’ll steal your gold and won’t give it back
Better watch out for the Niffler.

Niffler Harry Niffler, oh Niffler Harry, Niffler.
He will steal your rings, or shiny things
That harmless little Niffler,

Oh I thought I heard old Hagrid say,
Niffler Harry, Niffler.
Don’ let him see where you keep your pay,
It’ll be taken by the Niffler.

You can try to keep him locked up tight,
Niffler Harry, Niffler,
But He’ll soon escape, and flee your sight,
That sneaky little Niffler.

With coins his pouch is likely filled,
Niffler, Harry Niffler,
Stolen with paws quiet and skilled,
Keep you gold safe from the Niffler


Parody by Daniel Kelly – 2021 – to the tune of ‘Rolling Down to Old Maui’

It's a damn tough life full of toil and strife we Gryffindors undergo,
We don't give a damn when the term is done how many facts we know.
But there is one girl, that we know for sure, will still at her studying be,
We’ll drink butter beer and give a cheer to the girl Hermione.

Yes her name’s Hermione, it is,
Her name’s Hermione,
We will win house cup, when the year is up
Thanks to our Hermione

Once more we fail at the Potions class, wicked recipes Snape has made,
But Hermione read, and with level head, she has brewed the winning grade,
While Crabb and Goyle set their hair on fire, and Malfoy makes a scowl,
When Hermione reads every word she needs, She’ll be outstanding in every owl.

A Ravenclaw some said she’d be, but they couldn’t be more wrong,
Though her mind is sharp, she’s a lion’s heart, and her will is mighty strong,
She is sometimes gruff, like a Hufflepuff, but there’s a sparkle in her eye,
Though her bloods not pure, she will endure and triumph by and by.

On the album Muggles Ahoy!

I’m just a Jock

Harry Potter fan filk, to the tune of ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’

by Bennie Benjamin, Horace Ott and Sol Marcus

Hermione, do you understand me now
Sometimes I feel a little sad
Well don't you know that I’m a living horcrux
When he controls me I seem to be bad

    I'm just a jock who's snitch catching was good
    Voldemort.....he would kill me if he could

Hermione, sometimes I'm so carefree
With an owl that's hard to hide
Except in the snow, and I have heaps of money,
Maybe one day you’ll be my bride

If Ron seems nasty, I want you to know
He never meant to take it out on you
He’s got five brothers and he has to share
And that is something it is hard to do,

Oh, oh, Hermione, I am the boy who lived
But I have thoughts like any other one
Sometimes I find myself long regretting
Those who died to protect me from the stupid things I’ve done