Super Worms

by Daniel Kelly - 2022
      G                       Am
Could it be a stick, could it be a string,
D                       C        G
Lying in the dirt, not doing a thing,
      G                   Am
But wait, it wiggles, it moves and squirms,
      D                       G
Could this be one of those super worms?

C       G         D       C
Worms, Worms, short and long,
      D                       G
They help our plants grow fast and strong,
C       G         Am
Worms, Worms, in the ground,
D                       G
They’re super friends to have around.

Worms they eat the fallen leaves,
Drag them down, munch as they please,
And when they poop the stuff back out,
It makes the plants all dance about.

Sometimes the dirt is big and rough,
For roots of plants, it’s just too tough,
But worms they grind it nice and small,
Enough to eat, for one and all.

Worms leave holes, wherever they go,
So water and air can freely flow,
The keep the dirt healthy and strong,
With lot of worms, you can’t go wrong.

Out in the field, the cows and sheep,
They weigh a lot, but here’s a secret to keep,
The worms below, down in the ground,
Weigh more than them, it has been found.

So when you see another worm,
Take a while to watch it squirm,
And you should remember to,
There’s 7 million worms for every one of you.

Diprotodon Blues

to Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'    

Once upon a time, I was super-sized
There was nothing in the bush my teeth could not incise
I spent so many days,  just knocking down the trees
I sniffed the breeze
And I did just what I pleased

Now on the track I take less space
Down evolutions winding road it seems I’ve lost first place
I should have ate those stupid bipods,
Instead of letting them eat me
If I had known for just one second I’d be smaller than a tree

No I’ll grow, I’ll eat some more
Just chow on down now
I won’t be tiny anymore
I’m sick of living down in my tiny hole
It’s time to rumble!
I’ll take the title that you stole,

Oh yes now I’ll more than survive
For as long as I know how to grow, I know I'm sure to thrive,
I've got all my trees to eat,
And I'm so agile on me feet,
I will revive
I’ll super-size

Hey hey

I had to get real small, so I wouldn’t go extinct
When the ocean started moving, and life was on the brink,
And I spent more than a thousand years just shrinking down myself
I used to cry, but now I hold my paws up high
And you’ll see me, 9 foot two
I'm not that tiny little wombat you saw at the zoo
And when you feel like dropping in, expecting a cutee
I'll be savin' all my chewing for those who started eating me

The Fox and the Tiger

By Daniel Kelly - 2022
(based on the Chinese idiom, Fox faking the Tiger's Power)
G                               C          G
A fox took a stroll through the forest one day,
C       G       Am            D
He hummed a tune as trotted on his way,
C          G          Am              G
The air was crisp, and the sky was clear,
         Em               D          G
When a grumbling sound it reached his ear.

A tiger leaped from behind a tree,
And circled the fox, with a hungry sort of glee,
You look so tasty, fox so small,
I’ll eat you up with no trouble at all,

The fox said, stop just a second you,
I’m king of this forest, I thought everybody knew,
You’d be wise to bow and leave me be,
Or bad things will happen just wait and see.

A likely story, laughed the cat,
You’re just a fox, I can clearly see that,
I’ve eaten, rats and pigs and ducks,
Anything that squeaks, oinks, slithers or clucks.

If that be true, said the fox so sneaky,
Come for a walk, and we’ll see who’s being cheeky,
So the fox walked on and the tiger followed,
Till they came to the mud were pigs all wallowed.

Hello said the Fox, to the largest pig,
But he quaked and shivered, when he saw the tiger big,
The tiger stopped, and scratched his head,
Strange that a fox should cause such dread.

The fox walked on to monkey’s tree,
He knocked on the trunk, Come down and talk to me,
When the monkey spied the stripes and claws,
He squealed and scurried from the tigers jaws.

By now the tiger was quite confused,
The fox strikes fear into everyone he mused
But come said fox, I have treat,
There’s another good friend that you should meet.

The rabbit sat by his rabbit hole,
The fox said “Hi’, but down he quickly stole,
The tiger started to chew his tail,
This fox scares all the creatures on the trail.

So the fox escaped the tiger’s tummy,
When tiger ran, home to see his mummy,
So remember things aren’t as they seem,
And the strong can be scared by a little scheme.

Wombat Rural Fire Service

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

          G                              D
You may think you know the story of the wombat,
           C                             G
May have seen a couple of them at the zoo,
              G                                 C
But there’s a secret to this fine and furry fellow,
          D                              G
And it’s one that I will now relate to you,

Well the wombat he is good at digging burrows,
A subway network, just under the ground,
We never really understood its purpose,
But in this fire season it’s been found,

              C             G
It’s the wombat rural fire service,
              C                          D
A place for animals to hide when fire’s near,
              G                    C
They all shelter safely in the burrows,
       D                                 G
Of smoke and flames and embers have no fear

The wombat has a nose that’s like no other,
He can catch a whiff of smoke from miles away,
Then he grunts the news to koala, snake and parrot,
To come shelter in his burrow for the day,

The scientists have very often wondered,
Why the wombat builds more burrows than he needs,
Cause he’s a member of the rural fire service,
Saving others is the essence of his creed