At the Window

by Daniel Kelly – 2012

G          C          G
Standing at the window of your life
C          D               G
Looking out as far as I can see
C          D         
Each day brings a new scene
Em              C
different from that last
C               D         G
Unfolding like a flower in the sun

G               C
When the window first was opened,
G          C
I never left you side,
Em              C
Each breath and laugh a wonder,
G (D)
To behold

Soon I had to share the window,
With others in your life
Watching on to see your
Life begin


Now I come to the window,
Every moment I can spare,
But there’s so many windows that need

First steps, first words and
Birthdays, seem to flicker Past the pane
If only I could hold
Them in suspension.             


Now when I come to the window,
I seldom catch your eye, there is books
And teachers friends and complications

Soon you’ll be staring, at windows of your own,
I hope you’ll still 
Have time to visit at my widow.  


One day the glass will crack and fall,
All stained with time and waste,
But I’ll still be here looking into the distance

How much time we have before the pane
Is never really known,
So we must treasure
every moment at the window.