We’ll See

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

Based on the 2nd century Taoist story, that appears in the ‘Sign’ episode of Bluey.

              G           C            G
There was a good man who lived by the border,
     C                       G
One night his best horse ran away,
     C             D             G         C
The neighbours sad sorry, that’s very bad luck,
          C             D         G
But we’ll see said his father we’ll see.

        C                         G
We’ll see said the father, we’ll see.
       D                          G
We’ll see said the father we’ll see,
     C                  G
Should you be happy, or should you be sad,
     C             D             G
We’ll see said his father, we’ll see.

Months later his horse home returned,
Brought eight strong new horses to the herd,
The neighbours said lucky, that’s good news for you,
But we’ll see said his father we’ll see.

The son took a new horse out to ride,
But fell off, broke a leg and his pride,
How bad said the neighbours, what terrible news,
But we’ll see said his father we’ll see.

Next year to war the men folk went away,
But the son’s broken leg made him stay,
So bad follows good, and won’t be understood,
And we’ll see said his father we’ll see.



by Daniel Kelly - 2023

Now let me tell a story,
           C          G
Of the bat and of the ball,
     C               G
Of twenty thousand hours,
     C                 D
Hitting up against the wall.

     C                    G
Of faith and truth and courage,
     C                    G
Played against the hardest odds,
           Em              G
in the local park on a Saturday,
     C    D      G
by some animated dogs.

Now Rusty is a Kelpie,
Named for his hair of red,
And he was mad for cricket,
At least that’s what was said.

He was up against some adults,
Who didn’t understand,
Rusty would grow up to be,
The best batsman in the land.

     C               G
Cause Rusty hits the bouncers,
     C               G
And Rusty copes with spin,
           Em              G
There’s not a paceman in your team,
     C               D
Can best the likes of him.
     C               G
Cause courage and persistence,
     Em                   D
Is what fuels the sportsman’s dream,
     C               G
What started in the backyard,
     C          D    G
Will end up on your screen.

With young Rusty at the crease,
The brothers Heeler did attack,
One with swing and one with spin,
But Rusty knocked ‘em flat,

They even tried a paceman,
But not could slow him down,
Rusty had learned the lessons,
From every bowler in town.