Man or Beast

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

    C                     F            C       G
Would you rather be trapped with a man or a bear,
         F            C            Dm       G
It’s a fun thought experiment, that we can share,
And if you are a man, and you’re wondering why,
The bear in the woods is rated so high.
    F                G        C       
To reply in some verse  I will try.

See bears won’t attack you, most of the time,
And if you leave them alone, you’ll likely be fine,
The same can’t be said, I’m afraid for mankind,
The statistics alone, you’d have to be blind,
Not to realise the danger they’re posing,

In a hundred odd years, though brutes they can be,
Bears killed 43 women, which is a tragedy,
But In Texas alone, in twenty twenty,
Men killed two hundred and fifty, it’s horrific you see,
And there’s nothing we’re doing about it.

Here in Australia, in April just past,
At men’s hands, Eleven women, each breathed their last,
It’s a national outrage, and it’s a global shame,
That men keep on killing, and will be killing again,
Unless we find a way we can end it.

So here’s to the bears, with their mighty claws,
Who mostly don’t hurt, and live by natures laws,
And cursed be the men, who kill and let kill,
And curse those who said nothing, and remain silent still.
When they had the power to change it.